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Owens and Mitchell come from a fourth generation trucking family, beginning with their great grandfather's company, Howard Hall Co in 1935. Mitchell took the traditional family route and worked in trucking and brokerage for 10 years before completing a New York based software engineering program. Owens however took a different path. After graduating from Alabama, he lived in China for 4 years. After returning he went to grad school and received his MBA and Masters in MIS from the University of Alabama. From there he worked in tech for international, multibillion dollar companies for 10 years. The two got together after Mitchell completed his Software Engineering program and started SwiftTrax to solve inefficiencies in the transportation and logistics industry using custom technology.


Automated POD retrieval and order indexing.

Get your PODs in your hands and into your TMS the day your brokered loads deliver with nearly no effort from your brokered carrier. No apps required, no forms to fill out, no links to click. DocuTrax will increase your cashflow and streamline your invoicing process.


Say goodbye to time-consuming searches, manual data aggregation, and limited rate accuracy.

LoadTrax provides actionable insights, customizable features, and streamlined communication, empowering you to cover loads efficiently and protect your rates by reducing your reliance on public load boards. Experience increased productivity and confidence in load management with LoadTrax.

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Automated document retrieval for unbilled loads

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